This program is the best complete and intense of the Jungle, includes two National parks of grateful fame for the abundance of wild life and the state of conservation forests. You have the possibility to know the city of Puerto Maldonado.





Day 01:- Cusco - Pilcopata

As we leave the Inca capital, Cusco we begin a winding ascent into the Andes, passing by the ruins of Ninamarca, where we will see chullpas, pre-Inca burial towers from the Lupacas. The road eventual winds down to the town of Paucartambo. Leaving Paucartambo we begin our ascent through what is referred to as the Puna ecological zone, that we find the home of  the vizcacha, a beautiful rabbit-like rodent.  The Puna is also home to rarely seen predators such as the Andean fox and Puma.  As we reach nearly 3,500 metres a wall of white cloud rises up in front of us, completely obscuring the rich jungle lurking beneath.  At Tres Cruzes, the highest point in our journey, we gaze out into the cloud-covered slopes of the Eastern Andes.  We have just entered the Manu National Park, at only 5 hours from the polluted yet beautiful Cusco.  With the breath taking view of the cloud forest we take a break from driving to have a picnic lunch.  After lunch we descend into the Cloud forest where the tree canopy covered by mist gives life to a profusion of epiphytes, mosses, luscious green ferns and the Kur-Kur (High land bamboo).  Whilst its accessibility appears at least for us daunting, it is a veritable playground for the vast number of birds. We make our way to an observation post where with a little luck we will be able to watch the fascinating dance of Peru´s National Bird the Cock-of-the-Rock and hopefully spy the Woolly Monkey.  We arrive at Pilcopata at 7 p.m. After a delicious meal, we can enjoy the beautiful surroundings before turning in for the evening.


Day 02:- Pilcopata - Boca Manu

At daybreak, we make our way continuing through the valley to the fluvial port of Atalaya, at the headwaters of the Alto Madre de Dios River. Accessibility to the lowland jungle from Atalaya must be made in improvised canoes with powerful outboard motors.   From Atalaya we have a relaxed journey downstream to Boca Manu. Once on the river Macaws, Raptor, Jays and Oropendolas constantly pass overhead whilst Herons, Egrets and the Amazonian King Fisher perch along the shore. We will pass Shintuya, a Dominican mission community of acculturated Huachipaeri and Amarakaere Indians as well as the native communities of Shipitiari (Machiguenga Indians) and Diamante (Piro Indians). We make a short stop for lunch, which provides the opportunity to cool off in the river. Arriving at Boca Manu, it is time to take in the beautiful surrounding.  At dusk we will take a short walk into the jungle in order to spot the more elusive nocturnal animals such as the Night Monkey.  Returning to Lodge for dinner, we are lulled into a peaceful sleep by the jungle orchestra.


Day 03: Boca Manu - Casa Machiguenga

Once we have breakfast, we’ll get into our boat in order to go to the Manu Biosphere Reserved Zone. We’ll briefly stop at Limonal check post to show our authorizations. We’ll continue to navigate on the river and enjoy all that nature, always changing and capricious, will show us during our journey. We shall have lunch in the boat and in the afternoon we will arrive at Casa Machiguenga. There we will be welcomed by Machiguenga natives and be introduce to their guides which, in the next days, will show us the natural wealth of the area.


Day 04:- Casa Machiguenga

This day we shall navigate in a catamaran by Salvador Ox-bow lake looking for giant river otters (Pteronura Brasiliensis) and to go through the forest of the Casa Machiguenga, trying to find the spider monkeys (Ateles Paniscus) and the noisy white lipped pecker (Tayassu Pecari). After a light dinner we head out to find the largest caiman in the entire Amazonian rainforest, the Black Caiman, We shall sleep at Casa Machiguenga.


Day 05:- Casa Machiguenga – Blanquillo

Early in the morning we shall board our boat to go to Blanquillo, this place is known for its Macaw clay lick. Before that we’ll stop briefly at Limonal to register our exit from the Reserved Zone. At sunset we shall take a short walk until Blanquillo Ox-bow lake, where we shall search for caimans.


Day 06:- Blanquillo

Waking up early we head to the Parrot Clay Lick in Blanquillo, to see the dazzling colours of the large Scarlet Macaws and the hundreds of smaller Parakeets. From here we will continuing downstream through Madre de Dio River to Puerto Maldonado, on the way we will see beautiful  landscapes and wild life also small village of  settlers and gold miners . at night we will choose a sandy beach for camping.


Day 07:- Laberinto – Puerto Maldonado

We will arrive to the small miners village of Laberinto,  on the morning , there our team will be waiting for you to transfer 40 miles by car to Puerto Maldonado. Reception at  Wasai Maldonado  Hotel where you will receive a welcoming tropical fruit beverage, After a brief explanation about your next trip to Tambopata you will be free to enjoy in the small swimming pool or walk the picturesque city of Puerto Maldonado


Day 08:- Puerto Maldonado -Tambopata

This portion of the trip is full of adventure, with possibilities to find wild animals and the most attractive landscapes of Tambopata: The amazing macaw clay lick "collpa" in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park and the wonderful Sandoval lake in the Tambopata - Candamo Reserved Zone. This program includes walks   through the heart of the reserved area of Tambopata Candamo and the Bahuaja Sonene National park.

You will embark for a 3 to 4 1/2 hour motorboat trip up the Tambopata river to WASAI Tambopata Lodge & Research Center (box lunch on route). During the trip we will be able to observe the local farms, while groups of birds pass over the boat. Opportunity to see families of Capybaras, the largest rodents in the world. Reception, accommodation at the lodge, and lunch.

After a short rest we will have a brief introductory walk in the forest nearby to learn basic principles of ecology and hear some wildlife natural history. Return to the lodge for dinner. After dinner we will make our first visit to the orest to observe the nocturnal life of insects, frogs of various colors, and an occasional encounter with nocturnal mammals. We will enjoy the diverse sounds of the jungle which will accompany our first night in Amazonian. Sleep in the lodge.


Day 09:- Tambopata

Wake early (5 am) and travel up the Tambopata River for an our and half to the Bahuaja- Sonene National Park. You will see a magical sunrise and it is a great opportunity to see animals such as capybaras, tapir , Jaguar, and deer in the surrounding virgin forest. We will observe ( from a save distance) one of the greatest spectacle of the rainforest: Hundreds of parrots, parakeets and macaws of various species, enjoying their diet of  mineral salts on a river bank. We will have  a hot drink and a

snack whilst watching birds and go for a short walk to look for animals such as monkeys. We will return to to the lodge to have a late breakfast, and rest.After lunch we will enter the verdant jungle on a special trail to observe wild life. We will then enter the territory of peccaries, deer, and others, with the possibility to hear or see the tracks of them, or discovering a troop of monkeys traveling through the forest in search of food. Time permitting, we will be able to enjoy a relaxing swim in the cascade of the cat.

After dinner we can make another trip through the jungle, search for caimans or relax in our lodge surrounded by exotic nocturnal sounds.


Day 10:- Tambopata – Puerto Maldonado

After breakfast we will make a trip in boat to the Wasai Maldonado Lodge, in Puerto Maldonado where we will relax in our bungalows and enjoy a tasty lunch. After lunch we will leave and travel for twenty minutes on the Madre de Dios River, to the access trail to Lake Sandoval,  a beautiful typical rainforest lake. 5 km hike to the banks of the lake. There we will board a canoe to paddle around the lake enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing the wildlife, such as kingfishers, herons, hoatzins (unique pre historic looking birds) , monkeys, etc. If we are lucky we could see the family of giant otters which live at the lake. We will have the opportunity to fish piranhas and swim in the lake. Prepare yourself for a spectacular sunset. It is time to begin our return hike to the Madre de Dios River to return to Puerto

Maldonado. There we will stay in the modern and comfortable bungalows of WASAI Maldonado Lodge. After dinner we will be able to rest or go around the city on foot or on bicycle. We can enjoy the pool and its cascade surrounded by verdant vegetation. Rest of the night free to enjoy the night life of this welcoming city.


Day 11:- Puerto Maldonado

Breakfast and transfer to airport for your return to Lima or Cusco.


End of our services




• Naturalist Guides or Bilingual Biologist

• Private Land transport in a 4 x 4

• River transport in a private boat

• Camping equipment (Tents and Matras)

• First Aid Kit

• Specialized books during the trip

• Entrance ticket to the Manu Reserved Zone, the Tambopata and Bahuaja Sonene

• Rubber boots

• Rain Coats



• International and Domestic Flights

• Airport Taxes

• Sleeping bag

• Excess Luggage

• Alcoholic Drinks, Sodas or Bottled Mineral Waters.

• Personal Expenditures

• Tips

• Personal National or International Phone Calls




• Binoculars

• Lanterns and its supplies

• Sleeping bags

• Loose and resistant pants

• T- shirts and long sleeve shirts (preferably cotton)

• Swimming suit and towel

• Long cotton socks

• Sweater or light jacket

• Pair of trekking shoes and sandals

• Hat or cap and sun block cream

• Repellent

• Plastic bags

• Copy of personal documents

• Passport, yellow fever and tetanus vaccine certificate



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