ECO TOURS YANAYACU 4 Days / 3 Nights


Interact with Nature and experience a profound appreciation for life. The outings in the Yanayacu Ecosystem environment (“The Kingdom of the Giant Trees”) are aimed to let you discover the extraordinary beauty of the lowland Amazon rainforest as well as the warmth and friendship of its native people, both coexisting peacefully and depending on each other for their survival. Our skilled guides will lead the exciting jungle trekking and river boating that will bring out the adventure spirit within you. You will find out about the efforts that are being done here to preserve the largest tropical forest on Earth and you will also become part of this effort!





Day 01:- Lima / Iquitos / City Tour

Reception at the Iquitos airport, brief city orientation on the way to the hotel.

City Tour Walking tour of the beautiful surroundings of the Plaza Armas, surrounded by interesting buildings built during the height of the rubber boom. Important historical area of great interest that marks an era of economic affluence in the city of Iquitos.

The Iron House .- This famous work of architecture was designed by renowned architect

Gustave Eiffel. A rubber trader named Julio 1.890 Toots brought in from Brussels after visiting the International Exhibition of products from Europe. Holders of iron and other collapsible structures allow easy transport to Iquitos. The building was divided into 02 parts:

One of the parties to the Malecón Tarapacá unfortunately with the passage of time has turned into scrap. The other part was assembled at the corners of Putumayo and Prospero Street, opposite the Plaza de Armas, where it is kept up to date.

Palace Hotel: is one of the most emblematic buildings of the city of Iquitos, built along the lines of European architecture of the era, is now occupied by the Peruvian army.

The Malecón Tarapacá: Attractive pedestrian along which several buildings are many of them declared historic monuments. Today is the boundary of the city with the river Itaya allowing us to enjoy a unique Amazonian landscape, including the typical district of Bethlehem.

Amazon Museum: Historical building was built in 1.863 and 1.990 refurbished in the regional government where he worked 60 sculptures are by artist Felipe Lettersten, representing the major ethnic groups in the Peruvian Amazon: Shipibo, Boras, Yaguas Witotos, Ashan , and Aguarunas Mayarunas.

Also important in wood carving work showing parts of the walls and ceiling.

Return to hotel.


Day 02:- Iquitos / Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge / Tambo Lodge Yanayacu

Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to the pier. Navigation on the Amazon River, the largest river in the world.

Appreciate the magnificence of the river, the exuberance of the rainforest and picturesque coastal villages that show with its characteristic color and joy.

Arrival in the Amazonas Sinchicuy which is 45 minutes from Iquitos. The hostel is built in native style with natural materials, surrounded by trees, plants and flowers on high ground not subject to flooding or "levee", which are abundant birds and butterflies. Hike or canoe, as allowed the station to "New Peru", which is established a community of ethnic Yagua. Know their ancestral customs, its original palm fiber clothing and you can even test your aim with his "blowgun" (blow pipe). Visit the local naturist (shaman) who will explain about the wonderful healing properties and use have some plants and roots. Visit the Center for Wildlife Rescue. Lunch at the Amazon Sinchicuy. The food at the hostel is expressed in the widespread use of natural and fresh products produced by the river and the "farm."

After lunch, transfer by boat to the opposite end of the Amazon and then continue on foot through the agricultural zone and the coastal rainforest to Rio Yanayacu. Boating or canoeing on the Rio Tambo Yanayacu to Yanayacu in the "Kingdom of the Giants Tree." Observation of the rich bird fauna of the area. Observation of varieties of medicinal plants, epiphytes (bromeliads) that grows on top of giant trees and flora as the tree species known as kapok (Ceiba pentandra) which exceeds 50 meters high and the water plant "Victoria Regia "floating leaf which can measure more than five feet in diameter. Search primates and sloths are blending into the forest canopy. Arrival and accommodation in the Yanayacu Tambo Lodge located in the Quebrada de Falcón (60 km Iquitos). Evening tour by canoe or on foot to enjoy the sounds of the jungle at nightfall.

Dinner at the Tambo Yanayacu. After dinner and before the night, tales of the guides based on stories and legends from the rich Amazon myths and / or a nice musical moment by the shelter staff.



Day 03:- Lodge Tambo Yanayacu

Birdwatching in the river at dawn.

Best time to identify and photograph different species as they search for food in the Yanayacu. Breakfast at the lodge Tambo Yanayacu. Excursion to Cocha Yagua. Long Walk to "trail" along the route that the inhabitants of the area that used to come to one of the largest and most beautiful lagoons. It is here where you can also watch the Hoatzin or shansho (Opisthocomus Hoatzin) and if you want you can fish on board a native canoe-style. Lunch box lunch (if desired, may call prepare your catch). Return to the Tambo Yanayacu and participation in the reforestation program "Plant a Tree" in an area close to the hostel.




Day 04:- Yanayacu Tambo Lodge / Iquitos / Lima

Breakfast in Yanayacu Tambo.

Excursion to an interesting "Cocha" where you can find the Camungo (Anhima cornuta), particular species of bird that feeds on the aquatic. On the way will get one of the giant "kapok" in the area. Lunch at Tambo Yanayacu. Afternoon return to Iquitos by boat on the Amazon River. On the way you can see the legendary pink dolphins.

Transfer to your hotel or the airport to board your flight to Lima in the schedule right.




• Transfers airport / hotel / hostel / airport (land and water)

• 03 nights accommodation at the lodge Tambo Yanayacu

• All meals at the hostel

• Excursions as detailed in the program

• Guide in English or Spanish.




• Air tickets

• Airport Taxes

• Tips

• Laundry

• Drinks in the bar.




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