CUSCO WONDERS TRAVEL: We are a solid company that we have been operating in Peru since 1998, thus taking over 5 800 travelers from around the world.

This site contains the most important destinations of Peru. If there is a tourist destination or service not listed on this site you wish to purchase, we\'ll get to you by the same low price. We offer tours throughout Latin America (Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Why our prices are affordable, because much of the travel agencies are out of Peru and do not have an office in Peru. Our firm has two offices in Peru, in Lima, Cuzco and representative in Brazil, ready to serve you and resolve any problem you may have during his journey in Peru. Our company wants our customers around the world to enjoy Peru at a reasonable cost, and return home to recommend our service to friends who plan to travel to Peru or Latin America. Throughout the years working in the tourist activity we find that an important part of our business comes from word of mouth recommendations from our customers.




CLIENT COMMITMENT: A client is the axle of our team’s wheel and with whom, in a creative manner; we interact in order to fulfill their travel expectations by utilizing the most technologically advanced system to coordinate their travel routes. By identifying their preferences we are able to develop a product that exceeds their hopes, and which we serve in a style we’ve developed over years of service delivery.


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT: We are aware of our intrinsic link with nature and the necessity to assist in preservation efforts, especially in the regions where we offer tours. We are strongly identified and committed to the part we play in maintaining a balance between tourism and the eco-system. To that end, we host regular environmental awareness campaigns so that we preserve our surroundings and leave to future generations a legacy they can enjoy.


PEOPLE COMMITMENT: The capacity and continued development of our personnel contributes to the discovery of new modes of travel. In turn, this offers the best logistical team to our clients. The personal development of each individual is key and the reflection of their growth is felt in the technological assistance they offer.


SOCIAL COMMITMENT: Since we began our operation we have been urgently involved in caring for the environment in which we work. We also search to improve how we work with the Andean people so that the end result is beneficial to all parties and contributes to the development of the various work programs we spear-head, such as the information campaigns that inform the Andean public about some inherent risks in the tourist labor-trade. The workers must be informed and aware of their rights. This enriches other aspects of the tourism operations we offer, such as additional housing and a public lunch-hall. All this seamlessly integrates local tourism with the local natural resources and the native customs that are essential to the Andean community.


OUR VALUES: There are many sources of support which provide a firm base in our objective. What we most practice can be summed up in the following:


• Responsibility   • Honesty

• Integrity   • Friendliness   • Initiative

• Originality   • Creativity



“We are convinced that each client’s uncertainty is an opportunity to develop a unique style of travel”

We are specialists in assisting and organizing a wide variety of trips: cultural, adventure, and expedition, among others.

We are located in a strategically important location, the city of Cusco, in the heart of the the sacred valley, with additional representatives in Lima y Brazil.


OUR PEOPLE: We work directly under the supervision of the supervisory institutions of tourism. In addition, Cusco Wonders Travel participates in numerous social programs that enhance the welfare of local populations and that each of the parties benefit from each other in a responsible manner.





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